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My deepest appreciation and thanks to Mike Dooley without whom none of this would be possible.  I also want to thank Andy Dooley, everyone at and all of my Ippie framily. 

Thank you Gabrielle Hewson ( for the use of your words and your kind advice. 

Thank you Eleni Anastos for your love, support and words of encouragement.

​Special thanks to Becky Bozeman at Doggy Days Grooming for her kind support and for making Dixie look beautiful. 

And finally, thank you Rob, Brian and Marisa, my biggest fans, my family.

Success?   Prosperity?   Abundance?   Love? 

Now is the time.  Today is the day.  What is it you want to attract into your life?  What changes do you want to see?  Or are you just trying to figure out why you are here and what your life is all about? 

TAKE ACTION and let me show you paths that will change your life!  

All things are within your grasp.  I can help you manifest the life you've always dreamed of. 

We are never given a dream without the ability to make it come true.

Manifesting Your Life

Disclaimer:  I do not own nor am I in any way affiliated with The Self Center aside from being able to gratefully utilize their beautiful space in which to conduct my workshops.  Please visit their website for a complete list of their products and services!  Thank you Cari and Phyllis.

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