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Manifesting Your Life

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What Is "Infinite Possibilities"


Certified Trainer, Life Consultant

Through workshops and individual consulting, I help others discover how to live the life of their dreams.  My methods are based on Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Living Your Dreams and Playing The Matrix, both by Mike Dooley, an international best-selling author and speaker.  I also integrate my varied and unique life experiences into my teaching. 

I believe in God, Divine Intelligence and a benevolent Universe where everyone is ONE with this creator and thereby loved, forgiven and accepted eternally.

I do not align myself with any religion or incorporate any religious doctrines into my workshops.  I strive to ensure no person or group is ever excluded from the universal principles I believe apply to ALL people.

I am certified to teach both Infinite Possibilities and Playing the Matrix.  I'm so happy and grateful to finally be living my passion by bringing the methods and techniques for finding happiness to others.  Let me help you too.

It's All About You!


Infinite Possibilities, Thoughts Become Things & The Law of Attraction!


Learn how easy it is to change your life. 

Start living your life deliberately NOW. 

Become empowered to be and make the difference in your own life.

Discover the power of visualization and watch manifestations happen.

Happiness - it's not just a word anymore.

It's time for YOU to get excited about YOU again! 

"Infinite Possibilities" is based on the concept that our thoughts are incredibly powerful and we can improve our life once we get focused on what we truly want. The movie, “The Secret,” made some of these ideas popular. The tools I teach transform “problem thinking” into creative solutions.

It’s really exciting just how easy it is to change your perspective and blast through your limiting beliefs.  You CAN begin living the life of your dreams.

Imagine if, instead of thinking about something like debt or problems at work or home, you could learn techniques that help you bring about the outcomes you truly desire.  Wouldn't you be inspired to take new steps toward resolving these issues?

The concepts I present in my Infinite Possibilities workshops are nothing new to successful individuals.  They are part of the success stories of yesterday's AND today's exceptional and everyday heroes you hear and read about.

It's not magical but it is miraculous...and miracles happen every day. The techniques taught in Infinite Possibilities and the reasons they work is settled science. You CAN think your way to a happier life.

Sound too easy?  Too good to be true? 

Who ever said life is supposed to be hard?  And was it hard before or after we thought that?  Why is life hard for some and easy for others?  I can answer these questions and more AND show you a new way to approach your life.

Wouldn't you love to discover the power within you to turn your life around?  How would you like to learn to focus on the outcomes you passionately desire and create an amazing life for yourself?  Can you imagine how great it will feel to positively impact the lives of the many people you love and interact with every day?

I can teach you how to do this and so much more! Do more than just dream about the life you could be living.  Take the first step.  Sign up for a workshop or write/call me for more details.